For many pet lovers planning to travel, this can be an extremely stressful moment. After all, for some of them, their pets are just like any other member of the family. It may feel like leaving a child or any other beloved family member behind. Some pet owners choose to hire a pet sitter or have their pets stay with a friend or family member.

If these options are unavailable or feel undesirable to you, pet boarding offers a great solution. This is one of the reasons it is one of the most popular choices among pet owners throughout the United States.

What Is Pet Boarding?

This is a service offered by pet boarding facilities and some veterinarians. It allows pet owners to drop their pets off for a specified period in exchange for a fee. Employees of the boarding facility feed, walk, and look after the pets in their care until their owners return. They are responsible for keeping all pets in their facilities happy, comfortable, and healthy.

Is Pet Boarding Good for You and Your Animal Companion?

All pets, just like people, have different likes and dislikes. Some pets settle into the boarding routine quite easily and even enjoy the experience and change of scene. Others, on the other hand, seem to be miserable and pine away for the entire stay. Some even refuse to eat.

Likewise, some pet owners wring their hands in worry and cannot seem to keep from thinking about their pet’s condition. However, others do not think twice or worry about dropping off their pets and rushing off.

How to Make the Right Choice

Whether you are a sensitive pet owner or have a sensitive pet, there is a way to ease your anxiety. You simply need to find the most comfortable situation for both you and your beloved animal companion.

This involves performing a careful analysis of the pros and cons of each option available to you. You also need to prepare your pet for time away from you and normal surroundings.

Benefits of Pet Boarding

Some of the reasons pet boarding may be the perfect solution for you include:

  • Your pet will get an opportunity to socialize with other people and pets.
  • A good boarding facility will offer your pet an opportunity to exercise and have loads of fun.
  • Your pet will be in a supervised and professional environment with a high level of security.
  • Most pet boarding facilities have a routine exercising and feeding structure, which is good for most pets.
  • Good pet boarding facilities have trained and experienced caregivers and staff. Thus, your pet will receive proper nutrition and care throughout their stay in the facility.
  • If you value the privacy of your home, pet boarding is a better solution than hiring a pet sitter to come to your home every day to look after your pet while you are away.

How to Choose the Right Pet Boarding Facility

To pick the right boarding facility in your area, you simply need to do your homework and ask the right questions. Also, it is extremely important to visit the facility in person. You also need to determine whether the facility is a member of the American Boarding Kennel Association. This trade association aims to promote the best professional standards in pet boarding facilities.

To learn more about pet boarding, call 4 Paws Veterinary Hospital at our office in Duffield, Virginia. You can call (276) 431-4838 today to schedule an appointment.

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