Taking your pet to a boarding facility can be quite stressful, both for you and your pet. You are worried about whether they will take care of your pet and if the pet will enjoy the experience. These concerns can get in the way of your vacation time, making it less enjoyable. Becoming knowledgeable and preparing for the experience of boarding can help your pet have a good time.

Boarding your pet becomes an enjoyable process once you and your pet are familiar with the facility. Also, familiarizing yourself with the facility goes a long way in making this possible. Here are a few ways to prepare your pet for first-time boarding.

Conduct a Thorough Assessment

Pet owners will usually take a trip to the boarding facility to check out the place. Most often, they do not carry their pet with them. It would be best to carry your pet along to see if they will like the facility. You may be more interested in some other dynamics, but your pet is interested in other animals, the staff, or the playing space.

Pets react differently to boarding environments. Some fit in and start playing, while others might take some time before acclimatizing to the place. Taking your pet to the assessment is a great way to gauge their response.

Familiarize Your Pet With the Facility Beforehand

The first time you leave your pet at the boarding facility can be nerve-racking. You should bring them in for daycare a couple of times before leaving them for boarding. This will:

  • Allow your pet to familiarize itself with other animals at the daycare.
  • Become aware of the routines, especially the feeding routine.
  • Realize you will come to take them back by experience.

Communicate Clearly About Your Pets Behavior

When you take your pet to the boarding facility, the staff will need you to give them information on your dog. It will equip them better to take care of your pet in your absence. Some of this information could be how your dog reacts to a leash, whether it has minor seizures, whether there is a problem with touching its collar, and the like.

Ensure to Vaccinate Your Pet

Vaccinations are essential for the safety of pets in a boarding facility. It minimizes the risk of acquiring or spreading diseases like kennel cough. Also, boarding facilities are mandated by law to maintain pet vaccination records. Most boarding facilities will not let unvaccinated pets stay there.

It would be best if your pet had received the proper vaccinations at least two weeks before boarding.

Leave Quickly

It is normal to feel anxious about leaving your pet at the boarding facility. Your pet is very perceptive and can notice these feelings. It is best to remain calm, especially on the day you take them to the boarding facility. When you leave them at the facility, do it quickly and with a positive attitude. This will make boarding a lot less stressful for your pet.

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